Utilizing the Limitless Stylus, developed and patented by Paul Tudisco for people who have manual dexterity issues due to disease or other physical disabilities. This enables those with this limitation to be able to use a computer, smartphone or iPad with ease. Paul is a special person who recognized this need and he employed his creativity, his mechanical and computer skills to develop this wonderful product to make those afflicted to reach the world through their computers. I am proud of Paul and my nephew Jonathan Toth, for his help and guidance with Paul. Paul did the engineering and development and Jonathan provided the enthusiasm and guidance to bring this marvelous device to fruition and to market.

-Joseph Cannizzaro.

Here at UCP of NYC’s TechWorks Assistive Technology Center, we have helped many people better access touch screen devices like iPads. Although we have a wide range of standard and adapted styluses, we would sometimes find ourselves unable to find a suitable match for some people who had significant difficulty with hand use. When Paul introduced us to his Limitless Stylus, we were thrilled to include them in our inventory. This well-designed piece of equipment can be worn either over or under the hand and is held in place with two straps to keep it properly positioned. The angled capacitive tip is perfect for many people to be able to tap or drag on the screen with accuracy, sometimes for the first time ever. Because the user doesn't have to struggle with the stylus, some people have had less trouble with fatigue and extraneous movements. The original Limitless Stylus is definitely a useful device and we are looking forward to trying the two new models as well.


Limitless stylus 2013-2019