The Limitless Stylus isn't just an ordinary stylus. It is optimized for users with limited hand mobility and is a simple design that wraps around the users wrist with two Velcro straps. The stylus is angled perfectly to fit the contours of the user's hand and has been designed for long term use and optimal comfort. It can be used on any touchscreen device to gain more control and precision with every click!The Limitless Stylus is extremely light weight and durable which makes it easy to use on a daily basis without even thinking about it. After using the Limitless Stylus you will be unable to live without it


Adult/Teen Size (14+) Straight

  • length: 10.79'
  • width: 1.00'
  • thickness: 0.25'
  • Adult/Teen Size (14+) angle -125

  • Length: 10.79"

  • Width: 1.00"

  • Thickness: 0.25"

Adult/Teen Size (14+) angle 145

  • Length: 10.79"
  • Width: 1.00"
  • Thickness: 0.25"
  • Children Size (8-13) angle 145
    • Length: 6.09"
    • Width: 0.76"
    • Thickness: 0.25"

Adult/Teen Size (14+) angle 135

Length: 10.79"
Width: 1.00"
Thickness: 0.25"

*Email us for customization request.


View how intuitive using the Limitless Stylus is! Very seamless, an extension of the user’s arm.  



1 Light weight, non-invasive design

2 Allows for two straps to be used for added stability

3 Tip contours down for better control and precision

        4 Stylus tips and straps replaceable at any point



Limitless Stylus is made with pride in the USA. Every Limitless Stylus is 3-D printed in-house . None of the work is outsourced in order to achieve the best finished product. Paul,  founder of Limitless Stylus, personally oversees the entire production process from start to finish, ensuring that no detail is overlooked.