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About Us

Limitless Stylus changes the way one adapts to using technology.  Paul Tudisco, a native New Yorker, came up with the idea to create a stylus for individuals with little to no hand dexterity. Paul wanted to change the way people like himself used their smart devices. The idea of a stylus came to Paul Tudisco when he noticed that using touchscreen devices was challenging for people who have limited mobility in their hands and wrists. Paul Tudisco shared his ideas with an educational specialist at Adapt Community Network (formerly UCP of NYC). After sharing his ideas, he encouraged Paul and helped push his idea forward. They collaborated, to create a device that attaches to the wrist of the user, and allows one to use a touch screen device with ease. Through months of research and with some engineering, there was a dramatic improvement to the original design created in 2012. Paul increased the durability and functionality of the Limitless Stylus. The Limitless Stylus was first publicly unveiled at the Family Connect Summit orchestrated by Adapt Community Network back in 2013. The company's goal is to further the recognition of Limitless Stylus and introduce this revolutionary device to the public in hopes to improve the betterment of people with limited mobility, amputees, and others who face physical challenges. Ultimately, Paul wanted those who feel limited to feel employed by staying connected to others using technology that continues to advance.  



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