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Stylists are made from high-grade PLA a durable plastic that allows for a long-lasting product.


Is the Stylist adjustable?


The Stylist contains Velcro straps that allow for the stylist to be adjusted for comfort and better function.


Can the stylist be made for both adults and children?


Yes, there are stylists for both adults and children.


What devices is the Stylist compatible with?


The Stylist is compatible with all Apple and Android tablets as well as all smartphones.


Is the Tip on the stylist replaceable?


Yes, in the event that this portion needs to be replaced it can be.

Can additional Tips be purchased

Yes, we sell them in packs of 5 and 10.


In the event that my stylist breaks, can it be repaired?

Unfortunately, it can’t be repaired, but if it breaks there is a 90-dayLike warranty. If the product breaks due to negligence the customer can receive a full refund or have the item replaced free of charge