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               "See how were helping to change lives!"

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Limitless stylus has only been around for about half decade and since then we have been enhancing the lives of people with limited hand mobility to access their touch screen devices. What is most important
to us is knowing we have made a difference in the lives of others. With that being said, it was truly
heartwarming to hear the story of how one of our styluses has impacted the life of one of our customers from North Hills, California. When asking our customer (who chose to remain anonymous) to give a brief summary of how limitless stylus has made an impact on him, he wrote,
I am a quadriplegic who five months ago had little hope of ever communicating with anyone
outside my room in a nursing home. With no use of my hands I could not use my cell phone to call family or friends or use a tablet to watch movies and go online. But, I can do all these things now thanks to
Paul’s unique styluses have changed my everyday life. Right on Paul, you’re the man.
As limitless stylus continues to expand across the country, we hope to continue making a difference in
the lives of others just as it did for our friend from North Hills, California.

Here at Adapt Community Network formerly as known UCP of NYC’s TechWorks Assistive Technology Center, we have helped many people better access touch screen devices like iPads. Although we have a wide range of standard and adapted styluses, we would sometimes find ourselves unable to find a suitable match for some people who had significant difficulty with hand use. When Paul introduced us to his Limitless Stylus, we were thrilled to include them in our inventory. This well designed piece of equipment can be worn either over or under the hand and is held in place with two straps to keep it properly positioned. The angled capacitive tip is perfect for many people to be able to tap or drag on the screen with accuracy, sometimes for the first time ever. Because the user doesn't have to struggle with the stylus, some people have had less trouble with fatigue and extraneous movements. The original Limitless Stylus is definitely a useful device and we are looking forward to trying the two new models as well.


"Limitless stylus company donate a child-size stylus helped a little girl to be more independent while using Technology. After a few months, she’s so happy to Get her independence back and now she’s using her iPad"

Deirdre  Barker Gonzalez

Granite Bay, California 


I am so glad that you are back! Please stay safe and take good care. I depend on you and your products quite a bit. Without my stylus, I would be cut off from My entire world.

I am a quadriplegic. I have used other stylus/tip units on the market and the Limitless product is by far the best of the three that I have tried. The best thing is The stylus tips are always in stock for replacements. And the rigid stylus/Velcro design works Perfectly with my wrist brace. I am able to wear my stylus 24 hours/day for two weeks at a time. Each stylist tube lasts at least a month if not more. I could not recommend this product line more if it was my own company. And the customer service is incredible fairy, very responsive. Paul is doing an amazing job for those of us who are Challenged to use today’s screen touch electronics. Bravo!

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